Markopoulos Studio is a multi-discipline professional services Company located in Berlin Germany.Our primary services are Landmarks, Architecture, Art in Construction, Art, and Design. Typical client types include commercial and industrial business developers, contractors, government institutions, public and private utilities, and natural resource companies.

Markopoulos Studio are offering spectacular new solutions in order to attract attention, and develop new Landmarks.

Instrumental value relates to the ability of our designs are to educate, create jobs, increase real estate value, build citizens,and increase tourism. The Installations provide to any city a better quality of life and allows to brand themselves as creative and cultured in order attract new residents and encourage new businesses.

Our geographic service area is essentially unlimited, but historically has been throughout Europe.  Markopoulo Studio has also had the opportunity to work internationally in Bolivia, Korea, USA.

Profile of Professional Services

. Iconic Global Landmarks

. Residential Buildings, Art in public spaces

Sculptures, Landscape furniture, Buss stations, Street lamps.

. Artistic design of the exterior appearance of Industries

Petrochemical, Gas, Refineries, Power production.

. Artistic Masterplans

 Attractions, subterranean villages, Glass buildings, Waterfalls